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Samsung Wave 3 smartphone

Right now, Samsung has been making a killing with Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphones, like the one that had the really cool ad. The company has recently announced the Wave 3 smartphone, and it has a 1.4 GHz processor, along with HSP...
by Techno_Mark


New ad for Samsung Galaxy S II phone shows exactly why I am an Android user

I thought that anyone who is currently waiting in line for a Black Friday deal might enjoy this advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II phone. You can watch the advertisement to see people in line for the latest version of th...
by Techno_Mark


Samsung announces the Galaxy S III

There are times where reporting is easy, especially when the Web is ablaze with several posts on the same story. In this case, it is the Galaxy S III smartphone, an Android phone that could easily give the iPhone a run for its ...
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Samsung Galaxy S, Now Unlocking is Possible Too!

Rooting a phone and unlocking it are two totally different activities. Unlocking involves opening up a phone for use with different carriers. This process is extremely useful for cellphones in the US where, cellphones are launc...
by chinmoy


T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus from Samsung

It seems to be a good holiday season for Android tablets, with Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet, not to mention the very low-priced Amazon Kindle Fire. T-Mobile is now bringing in some more Android tablet love with the Sams...
by Techno_Mark