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The Update to Android OS 2.1: An Overview

After as series of frustrating delays, Verizon Wireless in the United States recently began updating all the Motorola Droids on its network to Android OS 2.1. Apparently, all Droids on the Verizon network which haven’t ye...
by Brian Johnson


Proxoid Great for free tethering

Recently, I discovered that I would need to input data into and print from a secure website during an important meeting. I’ve read too many horror stories to willingly use a strange computer or join an unfamiliar wifi network...
by Brian Johnson


Verizon announces Samsung Stratosphere at CTIA Fall 2011

Right now, there is a big conference in San Diego known as CTIA Fall. I attended the last three, but sadly had to miss out on this year. Too bad, as I missed Verizon’s formal announcement of the Android-powered Samsung St...
by Techno_Mark



Verizon: No 2.1 update to announce today

From Verizon’s  customer service Twitter feed: “The update is coming soon but we dont have a release date to post to you today.” Also, for those who are thinking about manually installing the device: “I...
by Brian Duggan


Verizon Android OS 2.1 rollout for U.S. Droid users underway?

According to news outlets such as ZDNet and internetnews.com, Verizon is now releasing the much anticipated Android OS 2.1 update to Droid users on its network. This update adds many fantastic features, which your friends here ...
by Brian Johnson