August 30, 2011

Tetris comes to Android for free, thanks to EA

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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I’m sure that the game Tetris needs no introduction. The game is a classic as the player uses strange bricks to fill in walls. I’m sure that all of you know the frustration of not being able to find the right piece for the right gap.

Tetris and its various imitators have come to Android before. Thanks to EA (Electronics Arts) the classic game has come to Android for free.

As someone who remembers controlling Tetris from a video game controller, it is interesting to use the touchscreen. Fortunately, there is a tutorial that shows how it is done. Flipping the pieces (otherwise known as Tetriminos) is done with a touch on the sides of the screen. If you want to do the quick flick downward, you can do that too.

I can’t say that I recommend this Tetris game, as I wish it was more old-school. The loook of the game does not resemble Arcade or Gameboy Tetris. This version attempts to be retro, and the theme is sort of funked out. The graphics end up looking like the credits from Saved By the Bell.

However, it is good to see Tetris live on, and so if you want it for your Android device, you can purchase it here at the Android Market.

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