June 8, 2012

The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure is my latest addiction


You can always tell the best games, because you won’t be able to stop playing them. A few days ago, I discovered Amazon’s Free App of the Day, and it was The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa’s Adventure. I download it on a whim, but when I started playing it, I couldn’t stop.

I would have to say that the game’s storyline isn’t very original. It is about a princess who is essentially trying to prove that she is royal blood by overcoming challenges. If they ever make this game into one of those weak video game movies, then they have something to write about, but it would be similar to a King’s Quest video game movie (not that any was ever made).

You play Elisa, and the gameplay is also not original but a combination of other popular games. For example, it has the match three type as seen in games like Bejeweled, and it also has a hidden pictures sort of thing going on. Both games have been essentially done to death on mobile platforms.

What makes Elisa’s adventure shine is that the hidden pictures and match three mini-games are what the player uses to obtain money as well as materials to build a kingdom of their own. Again, kingdom building games are very common on all platforms, but I like the way The Enchanted Kingdom does their version.

Elisa has to interact with certain people and monsters to obtain mission goals of building up a town, and the individual buildings can create materials for more buildings. For example, there is a sawmill that turns logs into boards, a quarry that can turn stones into bricks, and so on. With a combination of materials, you can create a cool town.

The game boasts about 50 game levels, and it also boasts a “complete absence of violence”. Indeed, there is no blood or even fighting in this game, but I will have to say that the names of these towns are somewhat suggestive. For example, there is a town known as “Dry Intercourse” and another known as “Beaver’s Den”. I probably shouldn’t get all Freudian on some of the dialogue and/or naming conventions in such a game as this.

I found that I started playing this game one night, and didn’t sleep. This normally doesn’t happen to me, and I found that all my family members are under the spell of the Enchanted Kingdom.

You should be able to purchase the Enchanted Kingdom for about $1.99 on the Google Play store. A lite version is also available for free right here.

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