September 7, 2011

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is worth solving


I have always liked puzzle-style games like Myst and other point-and-click Role Playing Games. I am pleased that G5 games has come out with The Mystery of the Crystal Portal for Android.

Crystal Portal reminds me of the Nancy Drew series of games, as the user plays a woman who is trying to solve a mystery. The main character is a journalist named Nicole Rankwist, and her archaeologist father has disappeared. Apparently, the father was on the discovery of a lifetime with the titular Crystal Portal, and went missing. Your job is to find him.

The game is all about going to places where there are random objects scattered about. Puzzles are all about finding four or five of these random objects to combine with another object. It doesn’t really make sense when you play the game either.

I was a little confused with the touch-sensitive controls, but I adapted pretty well. Too bad only the first few levels are free on the Android Market, and then you have to get an update.

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