March 4, 2010

TiVo wins patent suit, sign of things to come for HTC?

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Written by: Brian Duggan

he logo may be obtained from TiVo.

federal appeals court today ruled that Dish Network Corp., and Echostar Corp., had violated TiVo Inc.’s patented DVR technology.

More importantly, this probably shows how the once revered DVR company has become a lawsuit-obsessed shell of its former self.

From TVbythenumbers.com:

TiVo. the synonym for DVR is increasingly a footnote in a market it helped create.   TiVo is down to 3 million subscribers. With more than 30 million DVR homes in the US, that’s less than 10% of the market.

How sad for TiVo, its two best business models at this point seem to be its fledgling data service and lawsuits.  So far for TiVo though even when they win the lawsuits, as they have with DISH,  the appeals process is endless.

TiVo sued Dish and Echostar in 2004 and will now claim about $300 million in damages. The decision could also lead to the dismantling of about 8 million dish DVRs. TiVo also has litigation pending against AT&T, Verizon and Microsoft.

My question (which I have no answer to): Could this be a sign of things to come in regards to Apple’s suit against HTC, claiming patent infringement on 20 technologies and whether or not HTC’s Droids could see some features dismantled?

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