April 24, 2010

Turn your Droid into a flashlight

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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At one time or another, most of us have used an iPod or a cellphone to light our way in the dark. While it’s true that an ever-growing number of third-party apps translates into an Android-based solution for almost every conceivable problem, the best apps sometimes come from the device manufactures themselves.

This seems to be the case with DroidLight for Motorola Droid, free software which temporarily converts the Droid’s built-in LED flash into a fantastic flashlight. Install DroidLight from the Android Market. Tapping on the DroidLight icon instantly activates the built-in flash, and a light bulb appears on the screen. Simply tap on the light bulb to toggle the flashlight on/off.

In the current version of DroidLight, the app prevents inadvertent battery drain by automatically disabling the flashlight function after 15 minutes or as soon as the screen automatically turns itself off – whichever happens first. If the screen turns off first, press to power button at the top of your Droid to continue using the flashlight.

DroidLight is a Motorola app, and users are reporting that it doesn’t work on HTC devices like Incredible, Nexus One, etc.

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Brian Johnson
Robert has nearly 10 years experience as a self-employed technology consultant, though he recently "retired" from consulting to focus on his writing, and has been using a Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless as his primary cellphone since November, 2009.


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  1. Reminds me of my Kinetic Torch iPhone app, which uses the accelerometer so is a bit cleverer, but this is cool nevertheless.

  2. Robert Biondini

    Appzuki, I notice that you’re the developer of Kinetic Torch. I’m sure that many of our readers would love for you to port your app to the Android platform!

  3. terry

    I would like to have the light

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