March 31, 2010

Verizon Android OS 2.1 rollout for U.S. Droid users underway?

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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According to news outlets such as ZDNet and internetnews.com, Verizon is now releasing the much anticipated Android OS 2.1 update to Droid users on its network.

This update adds many fantastic features, which your friends here at Android Edge will cover extensively in the coming days. Verizon has apparently limited the rollout of this update to 200,000 Droids per day, so it may be awhile before your Droid prompts you to install the new version of Android.

Click here for a manual (unsupported) update method.

Also, Verizon’s support Twitter feed had this to say earlier this morning: “There is a lot of questions about a Droid software update to 2.1, but currently there is no update for the Droid or Eris.”

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Robert has nearly 10 years experience as a self-employed technology consultant, though he recently "retired" from consulting to focus on his writing, and has been using a Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless as his primary cellphone since November, 2009.


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