May 30, 2010

Wifi KeyBoard: Control Your Android Phone from PC

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Written by: chinmoy
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Often times, I came across Android apps which emulated another environment. aDoxBox for android and the NES Emulator are such famous apps. It is fun using them to do a load of things. You can install older versions of Windows using the aDosBox app and also play old DOS based games like Prince of Persia. However, that privilege is allowed only to phones with a physical keyboard.

However, if your phone is completely touchscreen and lacks a physical keyboard, you will see that you cannot bring up the keyboard to type into these apps as and when required.

To solve this exact problem, we have a nice little app called Wifi KeyBoard.
Wifi keyboard allows you to type into your android phone at any place right from your computer. To start with, install the Wifi Keyboard android app from the market. It is licensed under GPL2 and is sized at 16.76 KB.

Now, run Wifi Keyboard and you will see this screen.
Now, go to Settings > Language and Keyboard and check Wifi Keyboard to enable it. But, that is not all. Next, go into any app where you can select the input method. I did this into messaging. Bring up the writing area and long press into it to get the input selection option as shown.


Enter the input method menu, Select Wifi Keyboard in the next screen. Now, turn on the Wifi on your phone and connect the Wifi to the same network to which you can connect your PC. Now your phone is all set up.

Next, connect your PC to the Wifi network and navigate to the URL and you will see a page with a text box. Now you can type in anything into the text box that appears and it will appear on your phone as text input at the same time.

This comes in handy while typing in messages and playing games. But it is a necessity in case your phone does not have a physical keyboard and you need to run an emulator like aDosBox or Nesoid.

About the Author

Chinmoy Kanjilal is a tech blogger with a deep insight and love for FOSS. He writes at techie-buzz.com and lostintechnology.com. He owns an HTC Legend as his first Android device and at Androidedge, he will explore the endless possibilities of the Android OS. Drop him a mail at chinmmoy@techarraz.com and follow him on Twitter at @ckandroid.


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  1. jvh499

    Hey. Is anyone else having a problem with the @ and : characters? They aren’t working with the WiFi keyboard and my Nexus. Making it hard for e-mail and web functions.

  2. This really works. I have the N1 and work out of my home. When I am working in front of my computer I set this up. Makes sending text messages and inputting anything into my phone much easier. Only complaint is that takes quite a few steps to enable. But don’t know how it could be made easier. Nonetheless, a very good app. Highly recommend you give it a try!

  3. Ivan Volosyuk

    From author: It is possible now to type : and @ characters.

  4. It was possible earlier as well. Just that I had to use alt+h or alt+g i think. Did you change something that it works with shift+; ?

  5. Russell

    My browser times out when I type in the URL given above – and of course I don’t get to see the text box to type.

    Is there a setting I need to change on my router?
    And yes, I have done everything as per instruction….
    Thanks for your advice.

  6. YOu need to go to the exact URL given there. If that page doesn’t open, I think your router is blocking something. In that case, use the USB cable to connect. It works exactly the same way.

  7. arild

    Thanks a lot, this works very well on my Galaxy S, and when I need to do some serious typing it makes it so much easier. Well done!

  8. Bruce

    I have a Droid 1. I’m tryiing to make this work and have followed the directions for the wifi connection twice. Both time’s it did not work
    I have also tried the USB cable hook up and all I get is a time out.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks Bruce

  9. madhu

    any specific instructions while using the USB connection? On my galaxy S, I tried all available modes mass storage,pc internet etc… the adb command gives that..’error: device not found’..

  10. Me

    Just in case this is confusing some people; the ip address listed in this article is very likely NOT the same ip you will use. You need to find out what your phone’s internal ip address is. Plenty of app/widgets out there to do this.

  11. Les Ismore

    It took a few tries to get my laptop to connect, but once it happened, it works great. Very nice for when I need to send long text messages. I had to use an ip address widget to get the correct address.

  12. Wifikeybort:
    tcp:7777 tcp: 7777 in

  13. KL

    Does it work with a hog connection?

  14. miguela542

    quiero usar internet de mi cee com mi tore

  15. mohammad

    kheyli bahal bood….i’m iranian….and my languge its farsi

  16. Jay

    The URL given up there is simply just an I.P address. Probably the author’s of this article. The solution to all your problems is simple! Just REPLACE the IP address up there, with YOUR IP address. Don’t know you’re IP address? find it here — > http://whatismyipaddress.com/
    IF that doesn’t help, usually when you OPEN the “WiFi Keyboard” app on your phone, a URL similar to that ^ one, appears on your notification bar, which is the correct URL in which you type in your address bar on your PC.

    Hope this helps 😛

  17. Jay

    SORRY PEOPLE!! .. I forgot to add this piece of info ! In addition to that ^^^^ … enter the number your notification bar gives you MINUS the “http://” … input JUST the number… so [ if ] the one up there ^^ actually worked for YOU [ which it most likely wont ] .. you would simply put “″ into your address bar on your PC in your browser.

    Sorry if there was any confusion, adios 😛

  18. John

    Can someone explain with more detail what is needed to do this when having the phone plugged into a computer via USB.

    I got a terminal emulator (and yes my phone is rooted) but it doesn’t recognize the ‘adb’ command and so … I’m lost.

  19. queer1

    Thanks it is so handy given on the Galaxy S II there’s no keyboard. So when I need to do some amount of typing this makes the task in hand so much easier.

  20. Rickii

    Works on my Xperia Arc LT15, fantastic idea x

  21. ahnyoungtae

    thank to your comments, I got to be better smartphone user. Thanks a lot, sir.

  22. Kyriakos

    It sems very handy. However, is there any possibility adding BT connectivity?

  23. Nic

    Have logged into my phone from both my PC and my desktop. The box provided to type into at the URL does not show what you are typing although it does appear on the phone. Is this correct?

  24. Eric

    I have HCT Thunderbolt. I want to plug my phone in via USB. What do I do?

    First, I type in that website and I think my work firewall is blocking it. Also, I don’t know what “adb” command is from Android SDK.

  25. bgibson135

    I bought a Logitech Revue system in October for $99. Over the holidays, I found that I could use WIFI Keyboard & the Chrome browser that comes with Revue, to connect to my HTC EVO & Hero phones and use the Revue’s full-sized keyboard to type on the phones. If I start this, I can change the Input to TV, and watch TV while still continuing to type to the phone.

  26. Jip

    It keeps connecting in the browser, I have an Evo 3D.
    it used to work with me, but I reinstalled it, and now it just keeps connecting.

  27. Wing

    Is there a discussion board somewhere for this App. Its very useful and im trying to connect via USB cable

  28. Barton

    Will this work on the Kindle Fire. If so how does one set the keyboard as I can’t find a “settings>Language & Keyboard” anywhere.

  29. Grant

    Ooooh, this is sweet.. I was thinking about writing an app to do this, I hate the on screen keyboard on my Razr, blech! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Tim

    HELP – my phone has locked under Wifi keyboard input mode, and when I try to type the password in the browser the keyboard “enter” doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  31. Emir

    Not sure is it just me but I would like to know is there any way to use “enter” button on keyboard for “send” button when texting? When I hit Enter it moves typing cursor to another line. Did anyone manage to make it act as some kind of “submit” button? Thanks in advance.

  32. michael

    how do i submit my text???
    When I hit Enter it moves typing cursor to another line!

  33. Ben

    This works brilliantly. I don’t type terribly fast on touch screen phones. This is a fucking godsend!!!

  34. Ben

    Emir/michael: Simply press tab to tab along to the send button and press enter. This is what I do anyway. Incase you don’t know, Shift + Tab takes does the reverse of using the Tab button, just for information.

  35. loai

    I couldn’t believe that such app is available until I tested myself
    I thought to myself that I really should thank you man for sharing this information with us
    this is the best app ever.
    I hate the toutch keyboard on my sony xperia P , because I always mistyping
    so thank you very much

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