September 28, 2011

Word Bully comes to Android, with Trick or Tracker


For some reason, bullying has become a big issue recently. The same goes for cyberbullying, a term that means someone is trying to defame another on the Internet or text communications. Fortunately, Iconosys Inc. has released the Word Bully, the latest in its PunkBlocker line of Smartphone applications.

WordBully allows a parent or guardian to customize a filter for profanity, vulgar, or threatening communication. This is done with password protection of a parent or guardian. So if a threatening message is being sent to a child, the parent or guardian will hear about it, and the message itself.

In case you are wondering how WordBully does this, it is set up for approximately 3,600 words, acronyms, bulli-cons and phrases that might be considered threatening and/or vulgar. Whether or not bullies can work around this is yet to be seen. I mean, would it detect: “I’m going to stick your head in a toilet”?

I’m certain a lot of kids might disagree with this, but there is an option for users to monitor all the text message communications with certain “Black listed” individuals. Parents can determine who is on the “white list” though.

I see that there is going to be some more controversy over this. Word Bully is available on the Android Market for a price of $9.95. It comes with a child locator service known as Trick or Tracker.

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