October 27, 2011

Writing The Business of Android Apps Development


I have been waiting for a while to make this post. As you might be able to tell by the author’s name on this book and the name on this byline, I wrote The Business of Android Apps Development: Making and Marketing Apps that Succeed.

I have spent the last few months writing this book, and I have learned a lot about Android along the way. Allow me to share a few things that I wish to impart to you:

1) Creating Android Apps is not rocket science. I have always wondered if rocket science is rocket science, and I guess that is all dependent on how learned you are. In my case, I didn’t have much experience in programming but I was still able to learn how to program Android programs. For my book, I had to download the developer tools necessary to create Android apps, and anyone can do it, honestly.

2) Don’t wait for someone else to create that app that you really need, you do it. Do you realize that big companies spend very little producing software that they sell for a giant price? I am guessing that somewhere at the top are a bunch of people who barely work at all, and collect the biggest share of the pie. There are many programs for mobile platforms that are nothing more than just a few lines of code, and they are generating a lot of profits.

3) Take the time to program right. Eclipse, the Integrated Development Environment necessary to create Android apps, will not even run any Android program that has errors. Assuming that you can even get your application to run without errors, that is no guarantee that it will do what you want it to do. Even after you publish to the Android Market, you have to update it every once in a while.

It seems that as a society we are becoming polarized into those that know and can adapt to technology, and those that cannot. For someone who is more in the other camp of not doing well with tech, I found that I was able to adapt.

If you are looking to get into the Android Apps business, and feel that the only thing holding you back is you, then tell yourself that it can be done, seriously. Whether your budget is small or large, you can make it work.

And, not to blow my own trumpet too much, my book can help. You can get it on Amazon right now here.

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