March 15, 2010

XML inventor slams iPhone, advocates Android

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Written by: Brian Johnson
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Via Wikipedia: Taken by the subject's 5-year-old son, copyright held by the subject, Tim Bray.

Tim Bray, co-inventor of the Extensible Markup Language, energetically announced today on his blog that he is leaving Oracle to work for Google as an Android “Development Advocate”. In his announcement, Bray declares his hatred for the closed nature of iPhone, observes that “…there’s enough Android work to keep a dozen of me busy,” and discusses his plans to create his own app for Android.

Although Bray insists that he will not become a mindless propaganda puppet for Google, and that he will likely continue to buy Apple products, MacDailyNews (MDN) pounds Bray for criticizing iPhone’s closed nature while Google continues to filter search results in China.

Perhaps the folks at MDN haven’t read this recent AP report, which states that shares of Goggle are being negatively impacted by the search giant’s near-certain decision to exit China.

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