October 23, 2011

You want Siri on Android? You can get Iris.

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Written by: Techno_Mark
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I am sure that most of you are aware that this new iPhone 4S has some mobile software known as Siri that allows the user to vocally send messages, place phone calls, and other useful applications.

Do you want that on Android? Here is your chance with an application known as Iris (it’s Siri spelled backwards, in case you didn’t realize). It is essentially the same thing, as it allows you to “ask” on any topic, which includes Philosophy, Culture, History, and more. It also allows for calling someone, texting someone, and other searches.

Iris is from Dexetra, and it is still in Alpha mode. You need to download some other programs like Voice Search and TTS Library to make certain it works well.

I suppose that we will be seeing a lot of Android software like this. After all, we covered the Espier Launcher that imitates the look of iOS, and if Android users want iOS-style software, they could get more of it. After all, Ice Cream Sandwich has been compared to iOS many times last week.

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